Hi everyone,

Just made an update video, with a new time table, I'll try to keep to it, unlike the last.
Hi everyone,

I've just started a Let's Build in Minecraft. I'm beginning with a massive castle, so check out the first episode now!


I have too much homework, so I can only garantee 1 upload day per week. For my info, please watch the video below.
Hi Everybody,

I'm back from Cornwall and I made this quick video to tell you what's happening after I go back to school.
Hi everyone,

I now have a camera again and I'm able to film 3DS videos!!! And I'm starting Kid Icarus: Uprising, so check it out!





Hi everyone,

My friend Harry will now make appearances in my videos. And every 2 videos that he is in, he will play the level. Also, anyone who makes an appearance in my video will get their own page on my website, consisting of a bl
Hey guys it is me James. I have just been given permission to help Mariofan1808 in his website and videos!
I also have a spot on this website for the videos and things that are said that are from/about/with me.
Hope to be in later videos 
Earlier today, my friend James came round and we filmed another 3 levels of Plants VS Zombies. Also, whenever James comes round we will do a collab video, it won't just be plants VS Zombies though.

Finally, I can give you some dates for my new camera.

19th August - Next 3DS video goes up
20th August  - I go on Holiday, no new videos. :(
27th August  - Return from holiday.
Hi everyone,

Bad news, my camera's broke so I can't record anything to do with the 3DS, instead I'll be doing Plants VS Zombies (PC) and a DS game. For more info, watch the video below.

Hi everyone,

This is my official website for all my walkthroughs and stuff. All my videos go on here as soon as they're uploaded to my channel. On the website, You get a more detailed walkthrough, as I can add notes above and below videos.